This article in our Reference List series briefly describes each of tools available from the builder home page.

A screenshot showing the tools available to Smartabase builders from the builder interface

Edit application theme

This tools was previously used to edit the theme (e.g. the colours, logo and images) of the Smartabase application. It is now obsolete and has been replaced by better options, such as site-wide CSS and CSS for page layouts.

Event forms

Used to build event forms. Event forms collect and store chronological records with information about people.

Database forms

Used to build database forms. Database forms collect and store data which can be used to fill out a database field in an event form. For example, a strength database may contain hundreds of exercises, each of which can have additional information about the exercise. A food database could contain macro and micro-nutrient values for thousands of food items.

Profile forms

Used to build profile forms. Profile forms collect and store data about people that is not tracked over time and is not date sensitive. Profile forms can only be updated to current values and no record of previous values is kept.

Related entity forms

Used to build related entity forms. Related entity forms collect and store data which can be used to fill out a related entity field in a scheduling or appointment form.

Performance standards

Used to build, edit and apply performance standards. Performance standards are a means of giving instant visual feedback to the user by applying different colours to data entered for numbers and options depending on what criteria is matched. This concept is similar to conditional formatting used by MS Excel.

Performance explanations

Used to build, edit and apply performance explanations. Performance explanations are a means of giving instant textual feedback to the user. Their purpose and function is essentially the same as that of a performance standard except that instead of applying a colour to a question field depending on what is entered by the user, the performance explanation is shown immediately after the event form is saved.

Performance summary reports set up

Used to build performance summary reports for the performance summary dashboard. A performance summary report is a selection of important metrics from multiple event forms displayed as a table.

Module store

Used by Fusion Sport staff to create or install pre-built modules of event, profile and database forms, performance standards and performance explanations.

Data specification

Used to create a specification for data entered in the Smartabase application.

Chart properties

This is used to create templates for styling and formatting embedded charts.

Dashboard builder

The dashboard builder is used to create and edit dashboards.

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