Smartabase’s mobile applications have advantages for some people and situations. Mobile devices are easily accessed by many people, straightforward to use, virtually always available and can be used in offline mode.

At present, there are two main options available for people who want to use a Smartabase application on their mobile device:

  • The (newer) Smartabase Athlete app, which is designed for athletes and similar types of users to be able to log in, view and record data about themselves. It’s not possible to use the Athlete app to view or enter data about other people.
  • The original Smartabase mobile application, which supports people entering data about themselves but is most suitable for people who need to see and record data about members of the groups they have access to. We recommend using this app if you’re a coach or similar.

The Smartabase applications are available for free download from the Apple Store for iPad and iPhone and from the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. On your device, if you search for Smartabase in the App Store or Play Store and then select the relevant version for your device and your needs, you can download and install it.

When using a Smartabase mobile application for the first time, it may take extra time to load. This is because the application downloads, encrypts and stores the event forms and data that are enabled for your use.

You can use the original Smartabase mobile application offline but (like the Smartabase desktop application) keeping your data up-to-date on your site requires synchronisation. To do this, you can log in online using the device after it has been used in offline mode.

  1. Open the Apple Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device.
  2. Search for Smartabase.
  3. Follow the prompts to install the Smartabase application.
  4. Open the Smartabase application and view the login screen.
  5. Enter your site location (for example,
  6. Enter your username and password.
  7. Select Login Online.


The most secure way to access Smartabase is to use your username and password, as this information is not stored locally on your device. However, setting up PIN access can provide a quick and convenient alternative. This is especially true if you need to access the Smartabase application often. The Smartabase application gives you the option to set up PIN access, but please be sure to consider the following risks.

The use of a PIN requires your mobile device to store an encrypted version of your credentials locally. This means that there may be a higher risk of your account and data being compromised if you were to lose your phone.

The encryption key used to protect your PIN is stored locally using the strongest known method available for your phone’s operating system. For iOS devices, this is not an issue. However, due to the limitations of certain Android operating systems, the encryption method may pose a higher risk of unauthorised access to your data should you lose your phone. If you are using an Android phone, it is recommended that you update to the latest operating system available in order to reduce your risk. Android 6.0 and higher (API 23+) is preferred.

  • Android 6.0 and higher (API 23+) use Android Keystore which is considered best practice for local data.
  • Android 5.1 and below (API 16-22) use Facebook Conceal to store the encryption key in your application’s data.

Alternatives to the Smartabase mobile applications

To reduce the amount of loading time required, the Apple iOS and Android Smartabase applications have a reduced set of features. If you need it, most current Apple iOS and Android devices can load the full version of Smartabase from their browser.

If you want to use Smartabase from your device’s browser, you can also choose to append m.html to the end of the site URL to load the mobile version of your Smartabase site (which is functionally very similar to the older mobile application). So the URL you enter into your phone’s browser would look something like this:

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