Spotfire is business intelligence software suite that can be integrated with Smartabase. Spotfire is made by TIBCO Software and, like Microsoft’s Power BI, is an enterprise-class analytics platform. Spotfire, however, includes an in-built run-time engine for R and integrations with RServe, Matlab and SAS.

Spotfire is an excellent tool for data exploration, predictive analytics and creating dashboards based on athlete data; however, Spotfire is much more valuable in the hands of, for example, a performance analyst than a coach. To create effective Spotfire reports, it is helpful to have data science experience, including the knowledge of scripting languages such as R, Matlab and SAS. 

The use of Spotfire with Smartabase data requires the purchase of a Spotfire integration and licences from Fusion Sport. To create a Spotfire report using Smartabase data, you must have a Spotfire licence and access to the administration interface (in order to upload the report’s analysis file), so the ability to create Spotfire reports is not available to general users of Smartabase; however, Smartabase users with a Spotfire licence can run Spotfire reports and share exports (as PDFs or CSVs) with others.


This Spotfire report demonstrates how NFL draft data from 1970 through to 2015 can be broken down by position. The report can be interacted with by selecting any data point to examine further. The axes of the scatter plot can also be adjusted to look at different variables. In the screenshot shown, the scatter plot is graphing height (inches) versus weight (pounds).


Player availability for the Fusion Sport All Stars is shown in this Spotfire report. We have graphed the number of unavailable players by date (at the top of the screenshot). Using Spotfire, the graph can be zoomed to view different time periods covered by the dataset. The report pulls in injury, illness and wellness data to give us a breakdown of our team’s status. We’ve also used a sparkline style graphic to display each athlete’s wellness and soreness over the most recent seven-day period.