If you have installed the Smartspeed application on your mobile device, this article explains how to make the best use of its functionality. If you haven’t already installed the Smartspeed application or are unsure about setting up your Smartspeed PT to use alongside the mobile application, please visit our article for first time users


Home screen functions include:
  • User registration and selection: One of the primary uses of the home page is log into your account. You should always double check your account is logged in prior to testing to ensure your teams and results are synchronized with Smartspeed Online. Additionally, here you may access the registration page, or log out in order to log into a different account. Saved accounts will be accessible from the switch account dropdown.
  • Settings and Help: Opening the settings menu will allow the user to view session results, access help tutorials and more information about Smartspeed PT.
  • Bluetooth Connection Status: This icon demonstrates the connectivity status of Bluetooth. If you can see this icon, it means Bluetooth is not currently connected.
  • Synchronisation Button: Press the synchronisation button to push all Smartspeed session data to Smartspeed Online, and ensure all Smartspeed Online information (teams and my drills) are synced with your Smartspeed application.


  1. Click the Start a Session banner. This will take you to the Session Setup screen.
  2. The system will scan all of your gates and report the number of gates detected, along with their battery levels. If the scan returns an unexpected number of gates, press the scan button again. If the problem persists, consult the troubleshooting guide.
  3. Configure your settings for the session. These are explained below.
  4. You are now ready to start your testing session by pressing Start.
  5. In each session, the first time someone runs through the gates, the system will remember the movement pattern for that session, so make sure it is done properly. If the person makes a mistake, press Stop to end the session and start the session again.
  6. Continue to run people through the drill until you are finished. Then press Stop and the session will be closed. If you are connected to the internet, your results will be automatically uploaded to Smartspeed Online.


The following session options are available on the configuration page


Even if you have scanned more gates than you need for a drill, you don’t need to actually switch the excess gates off. Instead, you can select the exact number of gates you need for the session and the other gates will be ignored once the session starts.

Drill Type

There are four timing modes available:

  1. One-way: The athlete must run from the start gate and run through the remaining gates in order from start to finish, breaking each gate only once. This is what you would use for a standard speed test such as a 20m straight sprint or an agility test where the start and finish are in different places.

2. Free Timing: The Free Timing mode means you can use any test logic and athletes can run through the gates in whichever order you like. Each gate may be broken multiple times and it can be different for different gates. If you select Events you will also need to select how many splits you want to collect, if you select Duration you need to select how long you want the athlete to run. If you select Free then the system will simply continue to record splits for each athlete until you press Finish.

3. Pro Agility: The Pro Agility test is a pre-programmed 5-10-5 agility drill. The athlete will start in line with the beam and complete the desired route. The system will record this time automatically after the athlete has completed the route.

4. FVP: The Force Velocity Profiling protocol simply takes split times, along with height, mass and some environmental conditions to produce a full profile of the athlete’s force, velocity, power and some key relationships between those variables.

My Drill

Pre-configure Smartspeed drills on Smartspeed Online to save time in the configuration during a session.


This is where you can choose your team for the session from your list of teams created on the Smartspeed Online website.


There are three running modes available for use:

  1. Auto Mode (default): Similar to Manual Mode but without the Go button. Once one athlete is finished, the application will move to the next athlete in the list by default, and if anyone breaks the start gate, that drill has started. You can still change the order by selecting people from the list as long as the next athlete hasn’t broken the start gate. Use this mode if you don’t have people walking around that might break your gates by accident.
  2. Manual Mode: In Manual Mode you will be able to choose from a list which athlete is running next and press Go. Between athletes, you can leave the gates and it won’t matter if people walk through them by mistake. The application will move to the next athlete in the list by default but you will still need to press Go to activate the gates.
  3. RFID: Smartspeed PT is fully compatible with our Smartscan RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system. By connecting an RFID reader to the start gate, your system will run completely automatically. When an athlete is ready to run, they simply swipe their wrist band at the start gate and go. Between athletes, it won’t matter if people walk through the gates.
Rearm Delay

In free timing mode, the timing gates are reactivated after they are broken. There is a delay added before the gate is reactivated, which is in addition to the ECP sample time of 1 second.

The default rearm delay is 500 milliseconds (half a second). For most situations, this value will be well suited; however, you may find a case where this needs to be changed. For example, if you wanted the athlete to break the same gate with 1.2 second split times, you would need to lower the rearm delay to around 100ms. Another case is when you want the athlete to break the timing gate, but then pass back through it, which might result in the gate being broken twice when it’s unwanted. Added an extra second or two to the rearm delay will prevent this.

Go Live!

Smartspeed Live is a real-time digital scoreboard compatible with all Smartspeed (PRO, LITE, PT) and Smartjump system versions. Simply launch a Live session from the mobile app, and share your testing results real-time with athletes, coaches and scouts. For instructions please click the link.


This will be the name given to your session on the Smartspeed Online website. The name will be created automatically based on the session settings, but you can edit it if you wish.

Once you have confirmed your settings, press Start to start the timing session.

Commonly Used Drills
User Options Page

The user options page is going to appear different depending on the drill type you have selected. However, there are some similarities, so the information below shares information on these similar fields.

Error Correction Processing (ECP)

ECP is a process that is triggered when a timing gate is broken. In this process, data is recorded for one second and after this sample period, the data is analyzed and the longest break is used as the reference for the break time.

This method is used because it is quite common to have situations where the gate is broken before the athlete actually passes the beam, typically by the athlete’s hand or feet. By using ECP, you can accurately and more consistently record times ensuring that the time is recorded from the body of the athlete.

If ECP is turned off, the timing gates will take the first break as the reference point for the time.


You have three start types available with your PT system:

  1. Standard: this is the typical start where timing starts when the athlete runs through the first gate
  2. In-Beam: the in-beam start requires the athlete to stand in the beam for 3 seconds, after which the gate will change from an intermittent beeping sound to a solid beeping sound. Then as the athlete leaves the beam, timing is commenced.
  3. Start-pad*: if you have a start pad you can connect it to the start gate, the athlete must press down on the mat for 3 seconds, and then timing will start when they lift their hand off the mat.
In Session Display Page

The in session page displays who you are testing and the results collected so far during your session. In the timing page you can see:

  1. Who is currently running
  2. Who is due to run next
  3. A results table

You are also able to:

  1. Pause the session by clicking the Pause button. Use this if you want to pause your testing session and not worry about people walking through the gates or starting without you!
  2. Manually select who is running next from the list by tapping on the athlete selection icon in the top right hand corner
  3. If an athlete starts a test but cannot finish it, you can press the Reset button, and the system will reset. The Rest button will be displayed instead of the Pause button when an athlete run is in progress.
  4. Once you have finished testing, press the Stop button to end the session. If you’re connected to the internet, your results will be uploaded to Smartspeed Online.
  5. Return to user options between each athletes trial.
Buttons Found on Results Page                                                                                               

There are three running modes you can choose on the Session Settings page, depending on your preferred workflow. In these modes, you will see the following buttons:

  • The Stop button will be visible at all times and will end your current session, saving your results internally and uploading the results to Smartspeed Online.
  • The Lock button locks the display so that no buttons can be pressed accidentally.  For example, you might like to enable this if your device being passed around by athletes. Timing may still be completed while the application is locked.
  • The Reset button allows you to cancel the current trial, for example if the athlete makes a false start and has to start again. Note that pressing the reset button will deactivate the gates, and the application must be prompted to resume.
  • The Resume button will become available after you either Rest or Pause the session. The Resume button will reactivate the timing gates.
  • The Pause button may be found in RFID and Automatic modes. The Pause button will deactivate the gates and RFID scanner during a session so you may take a break or move the system.
  • The Go button is used in Manual Mode. It is used to activate the gates to start a track. Note that until the Go button is pressed, the gates won’t be able to record any data since they are disabled in-between tracks in Manual Mode.
Viewing Results on the App

If you want to view past sessions on your mobile device, go to the home screen and press the three white bars, select the Settings button, then press Results. You will be presented with a list of previous sessions recorded with the current mobile device. Tap any session to open the results view. You will notice next to each session a orange or blue cloud icon. This icon denotes whether or not each session has been successfully uploaded to Smartspeed Online. Blue means the session has successfully synchronised. If you have sessions that are not synchronised, check that your device is connected to the internet, and make sure that you are logged in on the Smartspeed application.

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